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Bolivar Central High School Dual Enrollment- Jackson State Library Resources: The Monster Assignment: Home

Finding a book

You have access to over 54,,000 printed books and 190,000 electronic books.  These books can give you an in-depth look at literary topics

To find print and electronic  books in the JSCC Library, use the Online Catalog

Choose "Jackson State Community College Authorized Users" when choosing an electronic book title from the Online Catalog.

You will be asked for your Netlogon to access the electronic books in the Online Catalog. 

Streaming Media

Finding Keywords as a preliminary to reserch

Scholarly vs. Popular Sources

Assignment about monsters

Students will  write an expository essay about a type of monster of their choosing: what is this monster's history?  What fears does this monster embody? and such.  The argumentative paper will explore a time period of the student's choice and give the student the opportunity to argue what monster is the best symbol of American's fears in that time period.

Reference works in the JSCC Library

Finding Magazines and Journals

Search Everything in the Library

Using the JSCC Library

As a dual enrollment student, you can use the online resources of the JSCC Library, but you can also check out up to 8 books since you are a student at Jackson State. 

If you come to the campus library, a librarian will be on duty to assist you find information. 

Please call Scott Cohen at 425-2615 or email him at if you are having difficulty in locating information for you paper.

Citation Guides

Get Help from the JSCC Library

Use of Library Resources