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American History 2020 Dr, Alexander: Home

Finding a book

You have access to over 54,000 printed books and 220,000 electronic books.  These books can give you an in-depth look at an historical topic.

To find books in the JSCC Library, use the Online Catalog

You may also want to come into the JSCC Library and browse in the various subject areas of the library.  Searching the indexes of printed books can be very helpful.

Interlibrary Loan

If you need a book that the JSCC Library doesn't own, please contact Carrie Baker at
Provide her with the author, title, date of publication and publisher.

The Library then asks another library to loan us the book.  We use the Online College Library Center to connect us to most academic libraries in the country.

It takes about 2 weeks for a book to be sent here from another library.


The JSCC Library has many resources. Which ones did you know we had?
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Finding Journal Articles About Historical Topics

American History in Video

Do you want to view a video presentation on a topic that you are studying in American History?  Use the JSCC Library's American History in Video series.

From off campus, you will be asked for your Netlogon.

Finding Background Information about American History

Here is an excellent resource that provide overviews of topics in American History or provide biographical information.

Search Everything in the Library

Getting Help from the JSCC Library

Primary Source Materials