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Jackson State Community College -- COLLEGE SUCCESS - Library Research and Information Literacy: Module 2: Where Can You Find Resources?

This guide will provide tips and guidelines as to how to successfully use your College library, find resources, evaluate your resources, and use them for your research work

Finding Information: What Resources are Available?

Now that you have defined your topic, decided what you need to know, and thought of keywords to help you in your search for information, you need to find information resources.  The JSCC Library has many sources available to you:


◊   Books


◊   Electronic Books (eBooks) only  


◊  Journals and Magazines


◊   Newspapers 


  Reference Books


How to Locate Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper Articles

Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers:


Jackson State Community College has some print journals, magazines, and newspapers, but we are taking fewer of these resources in print format because we can subscribe to so many hundreds more journal titles by buying electronic formats.  These electronic journals are indexed in Databases, and are often in full-text and include graphics, charts, and photographs.


Databases are purchased through vendors.  The vendors create, update, and maintain the Databases, and are always developing new means of allowing users to search and refine their searches in the Databases.


In order to find journal or magazine articles in full-text online, go to the JSCC Library website, look at the box titled "Resources," and click into the link within that box titled, Find Journal Articles.  


If you are looking for a newspaper article, click into the link in the "Resources" box titled, Find Newspaper Articles. 


Type in keywords in a database of your selection in any of the journal or newspaper databases and you will -- if successful in your search -- retrieve a list of articles.  Often you will be able to limit your search; this means that you will be able to narrow your search in any given database, according to the limits available in that database.  The most common limits included in databases are:


 >  Peer-Reviewed

Sometimes Peer-Reviewed is called, 'Refereed' or 'Scholarly Journals.'  This limit is used so that only scholastic journals are retrieved; no general interest magazines, such as Time, Newsweek, or Sports Illustrated



 >   Full-Text

This limit is used in order to be certain that the results of the search yield full-text online articles




 >   Date

This limit is used to see to it that articles retrieved in a search are published within the date range specified by the searcher



NOTE:  You can use the Databases on or off campus.  Off campus, you will be required to provide your NetLogin username and password in order to get into the databases.                


Google vs. Databases

How to Locate Book Resources



Go to the JSCC Library website: 

>   Look at the box titled "Resources," which is under the large picture on the Library website.  Click on the link in that box titled Find a Book/DVD/Video.   This link will get you into the Library's online catalog


>   Search the online catalog, using keywords you developed after reading the first module.  In fact, the JSCC Library catalog defaults to keyword search.


You can also search the catalog by Title, Author, Subject, and Call Number.


Print and Electronic Books from the JSCC Library Catalog



These books have call numbers which allow the user to go to the shelf and find a book in one of the JSCC Library collections.  The area in which any book is located is included under the word "LOCATION" in the book record online. 


How do you find a print book on the shelves?  Write down the entire call number, whihc you will find in the "CALL NO." part of the book record.  You will need it to find your book.   A call number is usually found on the lower part of a book's spine.


Check the "STATUS," which tells you whether or not the book is available for check-out or not.  Almost all Library books can be checked out for a period of two weeks, and most can also be renewed for another two week period.  The exception to this is Reference books.  Reference books have "Ref." included in the call number.


These books have no call numbers.  They are read entirely online, by clicking into the book title in the online catalog, and then by clicking into the online availability link, Jackson State Community College Authorized Users.  Once you have done this, you can read the text of the book online by clicking into the "View this eBook" link.
Off campus, you will be prompted for your NetLogin username and password before you can access an EBook.  
Examples below of Print and Electronic Books: