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Jackson State Community College -- COLLEGE SUCCESS - Library Research and Information Literacy: Module 4: Writing Assistance and Style Guides

This guide will provide tips and guidelines as to how to successfully use your College library, find resources, evaluate your resources, and use them for your research work

Writing Assistance Websites

Go to the JSCC Library website (


Look at the link titled "Research Help" at the top of the Library website.  When you click into this link you will see several support links, including one titled, "Research & Writing Help."   These link will lead you to several sites which will help you with completing your research and with writing essays, papers, or other assignments. 


The websites include assistance with grammar, formatting papers, spelling and meaning of words, and tips for avoiding plagiarism.   


Research & Writing Guides




Library Terms Glossary

Key to Successful Online Searching

Evaluating Websites




Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

Assignment Calculator

How to Write a Term Paper

Avoiding Plagiarism

Grammar Handbook


JSCC Library Help


Ask a Reference Question

Merriam-Webster Online (Look up definitions of words)




Creating a "Works Cited" Page

ALWAYS save information about where you get your information.  That is, save information about the TITLE, AUTHOR, and the SOURCE of the resources you use when you are doing your research.  


Why?  Your instructors will often request that you create a works cited page, to go with your written work -- or possibly even to go with a presentation or speech you've prepared.


What information do you need to keep, in order to create a works cited page?  This depends on the citation style guide that your instructor asked you to use.  Different style guides require different information for each cited resource.   There are two major styles used:  APA and MLA


The JSCC Library provides you with links to websites that will assist you with creating works cited pages.  These are located within the link, Research & Writing Help -- Citation & Style


JSCC Librarians also have created and update short style sheets, that provide examples of how to cite various resources:


                     MLA                                   APA         


Style guides provide information about how you can create works cited pages, also called bibliographies.  The style guides also include examples of how various types of resources should be cited.  They provide these examples for such resources as: 


         >   Books


         >   Print format journal or magazine articles


         >   Websites


         >   Newspaper articles


         >   Journal or magazine articles found in electronic databases


         >   EBooks