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System Requirements

BlueJeans App Requirements

For the best BlueJeans experience, users should download and install our desktop software. Click here to learn more about the BlueJeans App.

Operating Systems:

  • Windows - 10, 8, 7 (SP1+), and Vista (SP2+)
  • Mac - OS X 10.9+
  • Linux - RHEL 7+ and Fedora 22+

Hardware Requirements

Cameras: Almost all native (integrated) webcams are compatible with BlueJeans. External Cameras that have been tested are listed below.

  • Logitech - C100, C120, C310
  • Microsoft LifeCam - HD-3000 and HD-6000
  • Freetalk-HD
  • Cameras that are connected through capture cards- such as BlackMagic Intensity Pro, Grass Valley ADVC110.
    •  Cameras connected via network (IP Cam) are currently NOT supported

Headsets and Microphones

Use Headsets for best sound quality:

  • A USB headset with boom mic is the best way to go, especially at a noisy desk.  Among those, we have found:
    • Sennheiser SC60 is a solid mic at a reasonable price (~ $50 USD).  In testing it did well at avoiding sibilance (hissing noises when you speak "s"), and had a short range pick-up to avoid letting too much background noise in.
    • Plantronics headsets are also very good, though they might be more expensive. Their best are the C325 M, C725 M, Voyager Focus (Made for Dolby Voice). Other good models include C520, C520M, C320M, C720, C320, and C325.
    • Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo is their top of the line headset. Other good models are the Evolve 40 UC, UC Voice 750 Duo, UC Voice 550 Duo, BIZ 2300 Duo, BIZ 2400 II Duo, Evolve 30 Stereo.
    • Logitech H650e (stereo version)
    • Microsoft LX2000 and LX3000
  • Be careful when using a bargain / generic headset ( under $30 USD). They tend to have a low quality speaker/ mic and don't produce great sound quality.

Stand-up USB mics work well in quiet environment:

  • With a fixed desktop (or laptop) in a relatively quiet area, a USB stand mic can do well:
    • Microphones from Blue, like the Blue Snowball
    • Two products from Shure work very well: the MV5 (~ $100 USD) and the MV51 (~ $200 USD). With both iOS and USB connectivity, both are freestanding mics that have headphone output built in, and come with microUSB cables for both USB (Type A) and Lightning.
  • One Caveat with a dedicated USB mic: Some have a headphone jack on the back, and users have to be careful to select the proper speaker device if they are using something like laptop speakers instead of the headset jack on the mic.

Processors Tested:

  • Windows: Intel i3/ i5/ i7, Core2Duo [PS:- lower-end CPU types may result in poor (lower video resolution) quality]
  • Mac: MacBook, MacbookPro, iMac, Macmini

RAM: minimum 1GB

Memory: At-least 50MB of free space available

Bandwidth Requirements: The following table outlines various scenarios and their expected, peak bandwidth utilization.

Scenario Bandwidth Utilization
Content + Audio + Video being sent Up to 4.5 Mbps
Content + Audio being sent Up to 4.3 Mbps
Only content being sent Up to 3 Mbps



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Supported Web Browsers

Chart of Supported Browsers for BlueJeans


Blue Jeans Network. (2018). BlueJeans Meetings in the Browser. Available at: [Accessed 22 Oct. 2018].