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English Comp II Mr. Rafalowski: Candice Cavender

Finding New Books in JSCC Library

Finding Background Material on your topic

Finding Magazines and Journals in the JSCC Library

Finding Magazines and Journals in the JSCC Library

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My Topic

Roles/Evolution of Women in Hindu Religion and Culture.  

My research paper is going to talk about the roles and evolution of women in Indian Culture.  I will explore how women play a role in everyday culture from their roles in the household, their roles in society and even their roles in practicing their religion.  I am also going to explore how women’s roles have changed as the progression of society has occurred.  I am exploring this because historical events in the last two centuries has changed the roles of women in today’s society.  In certain cultures, women have stopped being solely expected to stay at home and take care of children.  I have already found in my research that the roles of women have significantly changed just within the last 100 years. I am wanting to see if the culture of Women in India has evolved.   Women in India are still dominated in India culture at where they are protected at all stages of life by her father as a child, her husband in marriage, and her sons in her old age.