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English Comp II Mr. Rafalowski: Halee Henson

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Excessive Use of the Death Penalty in China

Amy Tan's “A Pair of Tickets” is set largely in communist China where the death penalty is used with excessive frequency. Although capital punishment laws have been reformed over time, law enforcement continues to use this method of punishment. It is common for these killings to take place without the knowledge of the public with none or very few details available to the public. According to an article by Stephen Noakes, “China’s recent death penalty reforms do not necessarily signal the country’s abolitionist intentions but are part of a larger effort to shore up popular consent for the Chinese Communist party (CCP) and promote the longevity of its rule” (Noakes 19). In other words, these changes in laws have been a political maneuver in an attempt to gain support of the Chinese Communist party. Another reason China continues to implement the death penalty is that they feel it discourages the people from committing crimes.