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English Comp II Mr. Rafalowski: Kiana Jones

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Child Labor in Haiti

In Edwidge Danticat’s short story, “A Wall of Fire Rising,” she writes about poverty that takes place in Haiti. The author is from Haiti, so she draws points about what she know from her own experience.  She used the family in the story as an example to show how the Haitians struggle to provide for themselves. After they were hit by an earthquake a few years back, they were acknowledged and was labeled as one of the poorest countries. Haiti started out being enslaved by the French, until they won their freedom. Now, they are being enslaved by poverty. Ever since they became poor, they are still not yet able to make their country worth living in. The people there are fighting for their lives every day, by trying to find anything they can to eat and drink. The water is filthy, which is causing them to become sick and soon begin to die. They are in need of food, clothing, and the children are not getting the proper education they need. They have no jobs, so they work around the country to grow food and make shelter and clothing out of any kind of material that they can find useful.  The Haitians became so desperate that they had turned to their children using them to take on work. They are constantly having children, so that they will always have enough to work. It was so bad that the children had to work without any pay. Haiti is known as one of the many third world countries, that is constantly struggling day-in and day-out, and had to force child labor.       

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