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English Comp II Mr. Rafalowski: Thalice Kinnon

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China’s educational system

            Amy Tan, “A Pair of Tickets” is about a woman named June May who is traveling through her native country, which is China. The story’s setting takes place in Communist China, where the educational system today is being run by a state-run system of public education called, the Ministry of Education. In China, education is very important and it is a requisite that the students attend school for 9 years before they drop out. Education is one of the most fundamental parts in Confucianism. I will be explaining the differences that are between China’s educational system and the United States educational system.

            Not only does China has the largest education system but a consistent teacher development system as well. Historic facts about China’s education and how it developments will also be mentioned. Its educational system is fairly different from the United States’ system. Different ages are placed in different schools and rather than going to school for free, Chinese students have to pay to go to school. It was mostly about a family’s background when it came to paying for school.

 In China, the students aren’t just learning but are engaging in jobs and careers even while they are attending school. Its education has been used as a social ladder to help students achieve upward social mobility. Chinese students take selective exams every grade they advance to, but that doesn’t qualify them to attend the school or be promoted to the next grade. China wants there students to be able to afford school, graduate from high school as well as college and become successful in their jobs or careers that they have yet to experience.