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English Comp II Mr. Rafalowski: Dalton Roark

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Voodoo Region in Haiti


                The story A Wall of Rising Fire takes place in a small Caribbean city named Haiti. Haiti is a island right off the cost of North America. Haiti has a population of 10 million and is climbing. The main two regions in Haiti are voodoos and Christianity. Mainly the black women of Haiti practice the voodoo religion. This religion has been in the area for hundreds of years. States and country’s below the Bible belt find this religion to be popular. This religion has a berserk style and can seem strange to manly people that don’t view it as a moral religion. Voodoo is a religion that has no one founder. The God of the voodoo religion resembles to the God of the Christian religion. Voodoo can be creepy but also misleading. Voodoo’s believe in witch doctors, and sprit callers. Voodoos also have a certain school in which you can attend to gain more knowledge about the religion. This religion has been in the Haiti area for centuries and has been migrating into the lower parts of the United States. Many view this religion as a cult of some kind, but this is actually a worshiping religion. Haiti’s have many black women that find this practice useful within their society. When a love one has died, voodoos will have a party and sing and dance, and grace the life the dead did have. Voodoo religion seems very strange to use that believe in different religions, but it can actually surprise you on how mutual this religion actually is.