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Higher Education Resources in the JSCC Library: Home

Finding books in the JSCC Library

Professional Reading Collection in the JSCC Library

The Professional Reading Collection contains information on issues in higher education, as well as materials on advising, assessment,  completion, faculty development, teaching methods, etc.   Some materials deal specifically with the community college.

There are several academic journals in the Professional Reading Collection also: 

The Community College Journal,

Teaching English in the Two Year College

 The Teaching Professor

This collection is located in the hallway leading to the Writing Center.

Finding Books through Google

If the library doesn't have a book you need, you can find a reference to a book using Google books.  Sometimes part of the book is given to you.

The JSCC Library can get the book for you through interlibrary loan.

Finding Journal Articles about Education Topics

Electronic Journals

Finding journal information in Google Scholar

You can use Google Scholar to find professional journal information.  If the JSCC Library has the source, it will be available as a link.

JSCC Library Web Site

Controversial Issues in Education

Interlibrary Loan Services

The JSCC Library offers complete interlibrary loan service for books and articles.  Materials can be requested from most academic and public libraries in the United States through the JSCC Library's participation in the Online College Library Center.

Please contact Robyn Hicks (  to request something.

Accessing Library Information from Off-campus

Any information in the library's electronic sources can be accessed from off-campus through the use of your JSCC Netlogon.

Statistical Information