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Radiographic Technology Resources in the JSCC Library: Home

Finding a book

Google Books

Google Books allows you to look at excerpts of books in many different subject areas.  You cannot print or cut and paste from Google Books, just read the texts.

However, books from Google Books can be requested through the JSCC Library interlibrary loan service.  It takes about 2 weeks to get a book back from another library, so please give yourself some time.

Google Book Search

Getting Research Help

To get help in finding information:

  • Call 731-424-3520, ext 50572 or
  • Use the Ask a Librarian chat feature
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Reference books

Finding journal articles

Radiologic Technology Journals in the JSCC Library

You may want to browse through these journals in the Health Sciences area of the Library to see if there are any recent articles on your topic:

  • Applied Radiology 

          Available in print from 2001-present in the Health Sciences area

          Available online through the publisher's web site  (  Click on "Journal" at the top.  Available on campus only.

          Available through the following database in full-text

         Academic OneFile

  • Radiologic Technology

         Available in print from 2000- present in the Health Sciences area

         Indexed in the CINAHL Complete electronic database

  • Imaging & Therapy Practice

          This professional journal comes from England and presents a different viewpoint on topics. It is located in the Health Science area.         

Interlibrary Loan

If there is a journal article or book that is not available in the JSCC Library, you can request these items from other libraries through the JSCC Library Interlibrary Loan Department.  

Contact Vanessa Jones at or 731-424-3520 ext. 50325.  Please give her as much information as you can about the item. 

It usually takes about 2 weeks to get materials back from other libraries, so please allow enough time.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar provides references to scholarly journal articles.  In some cases the full-text of the article is provided, but mostly just citations are given.

Interlibrary Loan may be needed for some of these references.

Google Scholar Search