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English Composition II Mr. Rafalowski Annotated Bibliography MW 8-9:15: James Blankenship


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Edgar Allan Poe was a man that contributed greatly to the gothic tradition (Fisher). Edgar Allan Poe was born in 1809 (Railton). “He began writing poems at the age of thirteen” (Railton). “Poe's stories first appeared (anonymously) in the Philadelphia Saturday Courier in 1832” (Fisher). He also had some left some legacies after his death (Railton). Edgar Allan Poe has had many loses and failures throughout his life (Railton). He wrote a poem called The Raven that became part of America pop mainstream, but the poem also has football team named the Baltimore Ravens named after the poem (Railton). He lost his mother at the age of two, and his father left him without a trace (Railton). He had to leave the University of Virginia because he gambled and end up with debt. (Railton). He got kicked out of West Point because of dereliction of duty(Railton). He married a woman Named Virgina Clemm which died in the year 1847 which caused him to drink himself to ill health then die in the year 1849 (Railton). He was in a coma when they found him (Railton). Edgar Allan Poe made many poems throughout his life such as “The Raven” “Annabel Lee”, and “A Dream Within a Dream”. “Annabel Lee” is a poem about a man that mourns over a lost lover which makes him say that envious angels killed her (“Overview: 'Annabel Lee'"). “The Raven” is a poem about a man that lost a person that was close to him, and then starts to go mad when a raven goes into his chambers. ” A Dream Within a Dream” Is about a man losing a loved one and then talks about his despair about time passing (“Overview: 'A Dream within a Dream'").These poems all have a similar theme of death in them ,but they also have some differences in them as well.