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Finding books in the JSCC Library

Getting Help in Finding Information

To get help in finding information, contact the JSCC Library:

  • Go to your library discussion board in your online class or
  • Call the JSCC Library at 1-800-355-5722, extension 572 or
  • Use the Ask a Librarian chat service
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Finding background information on Topics in Mathematics

Finding Journal Articles about Education Topics

Web Sites for Topics in Contemporary Mathematics

Featured book in the JSCC Library

This book helps students (especially girls) succeed in math by making it fun.

Mathematics Education Journals in the JSCC Library in Print

The JSCC Library subscribes to 2 journals in print that cover mathematics education.

Mathematics Teacher ( Middle and High School)

Teaching Children Mathematics  (Elementary School)

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Yearbooks

The JSCC Library receives the Yearbook of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.