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DC Circuits: Resources in the JSCC Library

Finding a book

You have access to over 37,000 printed books and 220,000 electronic books. 

 These books can give you an in-depth look at many topics on which you may want to write your paper.

To find books in the JSCC Library, use the online catalog.

Why use Library Resources?

Why use the JSCC Library resources?

a.  The materials found in the library are edited.

b.  The materials found in the library are often peer-reviewed.   (gone through by a panel of experts before being published)

c.  The JSCC Library pays for its resources and therefore these resources are usually not found through an Internet search.  Books, journal articles,etc. are protected by copyright and the JSCC Library by paying for these materials provides royalties to the authors.   These materials won't be found on the "free Internet".

Accessing Library materials from Off-campus

The magazine and journal articles found through the electronic databases and the books in electronic format are password protected for those who access them from off-campus. 

By putting in your Netlogon (the way you access your eLearn course), you will gain access to these materials.

Tour of the JSCC Library

Films dealing with Circuits and Electricity