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Jackson State Community College -- COLLEGE SUCCESS - Library Research and Information Literacy: Library Research - Four Steps in the Basic Process

This guide will provide tips and guidelines as to how to successfully use your College library, find resources, evaluate your resources, and use them for your research work

College Success Course Textbook

Staley, Constance.  FOCUS on Community College Success.  Boston:  Wadsworth, Cengage Learning, 2010. 

Copy available in the JSCC Library -- Course Textbook Reserve.  Can be checked out for two hours; Library use only.

Library Research -- Four Modules

In the College Success course textbook six basic steps of information literacy are defined (pages 139-145).   In this LibGuide, you are provided with a series of four modules that take you through very basic steps of library research. 

The research information you are given in these modules is designed to assist you in actively using the principle you learned in your text concerning information literacy.


Four Points in the Basic Research Process:

Module 1:  What Information Do You Need, and Why?

Module 2:  Where Can You Find Resources?

Module 3:  How Do You Choose and Evaluate Resources?

Module 4:  Writing Assistance and Style Guides

Get Help from a JSCC Librarian

Go to the Library website at

Then, click on the link "Help."  The screen you access will provide you with information about contacting JSCC Library staff at the Main Campus (Jackson) Library.


Methods of Contact:

Telephone:  (731) 425-2609  OR  1 (800) 355-JSCC, ext. 572.

In person:   Come by the Library and speak with a librarian -- there is always one on duty

Online:      Ask a Librarian chat (available on the library page)