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The JSCC Center for Teaching & Learning

This guide is designed as a faculty and administration resource for information on The JSCC Center for Teaching & Learning and on teaching and learning centers in higher education.

Proposed Mission Statement

The JSCC Center for Teaching & Learning mission is to connect and engage with evidence-based and equity-promoting strategies to all faculty seeking to improve course outcomes and student success. Our overall focus is to create a safe, engaging, and accessible space where collaboration and creativity can be fostered while retaining collective knowledge to be shared in the future as needs arise.

Proposed Goals for the Center for Teaching & Learning

  • To research best practices
  • To analyze current levels of achievement
  • To set achievement goals
  • To identify essential and valued student learning
  • To develop common formative and summative assessments
  • To share strategies

Teaching and Learning Subjects

These are the subjects faculty members are most interested in (from a survey):

  • Student retention strategies
  • Implementing inclusive and culturally responsive pedagogy
  • Fostering a growth mindset
  • Engaging students in online learning environments
  • Effective teaching strategies for multiple generations
  • Diversity and global learning
  • High Impact Practices (HIPs) - e.g. study abroad, honors, service learning. work-based learning