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Chemistry Resources in the JSCC Library

This guide assists students in finding information about chemistry in the JSCC Library

Finding Keywords on topics in Chemistry

It is important to develop  a list of keywords  dealing with your topic before searching for information.  

There are several ways to do this:

1.  Brainstorm.  Think of all the words associated with your topic.

2.  Look up the topic in Credo Reference

3.  Use one of the Library electronic journal databases and look for a Thesaurus of terms or a Topic Finder.

Finding Journal articles about Chemistry in the JSCC Library

Here are some electronic databases in the JSCC Library that allow you to find credible and authoritative sources in  journals and magazines.

You can get the full article as well as a citation in APA style using these sources.

Searching Everything in the JSCC Library at Once

All Search allows you to search the  all the Library's holdings at once.  You can limit your search by date, type of resource, etc.

Web Resources for Chemistry Related Topics