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Controversial Issues Resources: Finding Print and Electronic Books

Guide trains JSCC Library users about the best means of finding information in the Library, in online and print formats, on Controversial Issues topics. A single controversial topic is used for example in the guide: Health Care Reform

Print Books in the JSCC Library on: HEALTH CARE REFORM

Electronic Books (eBooks) in the JSCC Library on: HEALTH CARE REFORM

Finding Books in the JSCC Library Online Catalog on: HEALTH CARE REFORM

You can use the JSCC online catalog either on or off campus.  To get to the catalog, go to the Library homepage address:

 When you are in the Library homepage, scroll down to the box titled "Resources" under the large picture at the top of the website.   Click into the link Find a Book/DVD/Video in this "Resources" box; this will take you to the JSCC Library's online catalog.

 Once in the catalog, you can begin searching for materials on your subject.   Type your search in the search box beside the search option box, and click on "Submit" to get a list of books, electronic books, DVDs, and other cataloged resources that relate to the keywords you typed into the search line.   You can also search by: Author, Title, Subject and Call Number.     

You can do several Keyword searches, using many different combinations of words, in order to find information on your controversial issue topic.   Think of words that possibly would retrieve information on your topic.  You do not, when searching by keyword, have to put "and" between your keywords.

 If you are not finding what you are looking for by using a Keyword search, or if you are finding too many resources, you might want to try using a Subject search.  Subject searching is more precise than Keyword searching.   When you do a Subject search, the online catalog is looking only for records that have subjects that match the words you typed.

Try searching by Subject search for the topic, health care reform, and you retrieve this in the catalog:

Keyword search results example

You will find that the subject search does not bring up a list of book records, but instead directs you to subject headings relating to health care reform, such as:  health care reform; health care reform africa; and health care reform developing countries.  To the right of these subject headings will be a number, indicating the number of books JSCC Library owns on this subject.  To see these lists, click into the Subject heading, which is an underlined link.


Print books that you find in your online catalog searching will have Library of Congress call numbers.  The call number is unique for each individual book, and is usually placed on the lower part of the spine of the book. 


Since call numbers are created according to the subjects of books, you will find books that have the same or similar subjects grouped together on the Library's shelves.


When you have found a print books you want to look at, be sure to write down the call number so that you can find it on the shelves.  Make sure that the book has a Status of "Available," meaning that it should be on the shelves and available for you to check out of the Library.

Also, be sure and check the Location of the book.  Some books are located in special collections in the Library, or in JSCC site libraries in Savannah, Lexington, or Humboldt.  JSCC Library has several small collections of books, such as:  Health Sciences Area; Juvenile Collection; College Textbooks; Reserve Room; Tennessee Collection; and, DVD Collection.