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Primary Sources for Biology Classes: Home

This guide will assist Biology students in finding primary source material for their classes.

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Finding Scholarly Primary Source Journal Articles dealing with General Biology topics in the JSCC Library

Remember that you can access these databases from off-campus.  You will be asked for your username and password. when you click on a database from off-campus. (Your Netlogon that you use for eLearn, for logging on to campus computers, etc.)

Using the JSCC Library resources from off-campus

All the JSCC Library electronic resources are available off-campus.  You will be asked for your your username and password (your Netlogon)

Contact Information

Sarah Allen, Adjunct Faculty in Biology, and Scott Cohen, Library Director are coordinating this assignment. 

Sarah Allen ( and Scott Cohen (

APA style

Primary Source Quizzes

Finding Primary Source Material using Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Key Words for Searching

You will be looking for articles dealing with the differences in height between men and women.

In the library databases, you will need to search using keywords:  Here are some suggested keywords.

Height and Genetics

height and gender

stature and men and women

stature and gender

stature and genetics  or stature and heredity

Height and men and women

Height and Differences and men and women

Physiology and differences and height and stature

boys and girls and height

females and males and height

Sample topics for Searching for Primary Sources

In Academic OneFile, you might try:

Global Warming

Carbon Emissions

In Academic Search Elite, you might try:

Global Warming

Protein and Immunity

Carbohydrate and Metabolism

Starch blockers

In General Science Full Text, you might try:

Nitrogen and Agriculture

JSTOR -  In this database, you might try: 


Public Library of Science- In this database, you might try: