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World Literature II: Home

Finding Books in the JSCC Library

Getting Assistance in Finding Information

There are several options if you need help in finding information about World Literature

  • You can call the JSCC Library at 1-800-355-5722 extension 50572 from out of Madison County or 424-3520, extension 50572 in Jackson-Madison County..
  • You can come by the JSCC Library and ask a librarian for assistance.
  • You can also chat with a librarian when the chat service is online, or you can send a message when the chat service is offline.
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Finding Journal Articles about Literature

Finding Background Information about World Literature

Search Everything in the Library at Once

MLA Citation Style

Using Google Effectively

If you want to find the most credible sources using Google, you could try this approach:

Narrow your search to a particular domain like gov or edu

For example, if you were looking for the information on Alexander Pope, you might want to limit your search to educational web sites.

Alexander Pope site:edu   

Or if you were looking for information on Nathaniel Hawthorne, you could limit your search to organizations that are associated with this author.

Nathaniel Hawthorne site:org

Finding a Topic

If you are not assigned a topic by your instructor, you may have to come up with one of your own

To come up with a topic:

  • You may want to look at journal articles in the JSCC Library electronic databases to see what topics might be interesting
  • You may want to browse on the Internet to see interesting topics.
  • You may want to discuss possible topics with your teacher.
  • You may want to look in some of the electronic reference sources for background information.