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This guide is for members of the JSCC Faculty Learning Community.

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Feedback from JSCC faculty about From Equity Talk to Equity Walk:

  • This book really helped to open my eyes to a new perspective and additional ways to help my students succeed. I have already begun making some minor changes to my course syllabi for the next semester based on concrete recommendations found in the book, and I have more even ideas about what to do in future semesters.
  • The book is a direct, honest indictment of how we practice higher education.  Its purpose, tone and evidence can be challenging.  However, it is best viewed as a call to “do the good” and a primer for educators committed to answering that call with changes to their systems and practices.
  • I'm glad I read this book. It has helped me to think about what equity means in higher education and the responsibility we all have to do what we can to help our students succeed.
  • Though I consider myself fairly knowledgeable on the subject of equity, this book helped me more deeply consider what that looks like within higher education and how it can be put into action at JSCC.

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