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Library Apps for Mobile Devices: Nursing

Library Apps

Nursing apps to help you with clinicals and studying.

STAT!Ref App

Lippincott Nursing Drug Handbook

Medscape App

STAT!Ref Library Apps

Downloading instructions for the iPad/iPhone/Android STAT!Ref phone application

The STAT!Ref App is an easy application that allows you to view many nursing textbook and resources straight from your mobile device.

Step 1-From your computer

1. Go to  You must go through the Jackson State library page to get free access.
2. Click on "Find Resources" on the left hand side of the page.  Then click on "E- books"
3. Scroll down and click "STAT!Ref Nursing Book Collection and NCLEX Study Podcasts."
4. Click My STAT!Ref in the top right corner
5. Create an account by entering your email address and click on “No, I want to create a My STAT!Ref account”
6. Finish filling out the information and be sure to put your cell phone number
7. After you finish creating an account, click on the tab that says “temporary login account”.
8. Click "activate renew"

Step 2

From your IPhone/IPad

1. Go to the App store and download STAT!Ref from the store.
2. After downloading, enter your My STAT!Ref username (email) and password and you now have access to the textbooks!

From your Android phone

1. Go to the android market store and download the STAT!Ref app
2. After downloading, enter your My STAT!Ref username (email) and password and you now have access to the textbooks!

For additional information or instructions go to:

Lippincott Nursing Drug Handbook App

Lippincott Nursing Drug Handbooks

Allows you to search a drug and see its class, therapeutic effects, adverse reactions, and interactions for free.

1.Download the app "Lippincott Nursing Drug Handbook" in iTunes or "LWW Nursing Drug Handbook" in Google play.

2. Install or download the app

3. Once downloaded, hit the next button until it asks you if you would like to buy the full version. Choose Yes or No.

4. From here you can either click a drug name or search for a drug at the top of the screen.



Offers news, drug information, conditions, and education


1. Search and download "Medscape." Open the app

2. Click get a free account

3. Fill out the information and hit submit. It may begin to download updates.

4. Click continue. You now have the option to download the whole program so you can use it without internet or continue with the app connected to wifi.

5. You can now see medical news, references, and even learn some in the education section.

Mobile Websites

These websites do not offer an app, but they do offer a version of their webpage geared toward mobile users

Consumer Reports


Medline Plus

Jackson Sun


Foreca Weather

Windows Live



NY Times


Need to search?

Google Scholar Search

Google Scholar Search