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Library Apps for Mobile Devices: What is an App?

What is an app?

The word "App" is short for application. You can download apps to your phone or mobile device to make certain programs more accessible to you while you are on the go or just away from your computer. Most applications allow you to do almost everything that you would be able to do on a desktop or laptop from your mobile phone.



Find out what's going on at Jackson State


1. Search for Jackson State Community College from your app store

2. Click Install JSCC Mobile

3. Accept and download

4. Open the app

5. You now have 6 icons to choose from:

      News-lists the most up to date JSCC News. Click the icon and then click JSCC news.

      Maps-allows you to view where you are on campus.

      Videos-watch several videos showing what's happening at Jackson State. Click the icon and then click JSCC YouTube.

      Photos-see several JSCC photos. Click the icon and then click campus photos.

      Events-see the latest events happening around campus. Click the icon and then JSCC calendar.

      Library-connects you to the library catalog as well as contact info for the library.


If you have any comments or suggestions of apps we should add, email Scott Cohen at

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