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ENGL 1020: Library Virtual Visit, Prof. Sweet

Library Virtual Visit for ENGL 1020 taught by Prof. Sweet


Watch the below Video for further directions.

You will explore the Library's website with Ms. Ruth, the JSCC Instruction Librarian.

Pick a case from either Disappearances, Murders, or Mysteries pages. It is fine to pick more than one. Team up with another student in your class and work on this together. You can download each file to give you mobility as you work on your case.

Access the JSCC Library page (

Questions to mull on as you start working on these exciting cold cases and mysteries.

What information can you find about this famous case? Based on what you have found, any thoughts on the case? Was the end verdict actually justice?

How many books have been written about this case?

You will find each of the following sources. It's okay if your event does not have any books, but you should attempt to look.


Newspaper article



Optional additional source