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Integrating Library Resources into eLearn

This guide is designed to assist faculty in integrating Library resources into eLearn.

Would You Like a LibGuide for Your Class?

If you would like a LibGuide specifically for your class or a topic in your class, please contact your embedded librarian or email the library at

Adding a LibGuide

There are two ways to add a LibGuide link to eLearn.

Get the URL for your LibGuide from your embedded librarian or from the Library Subject Guides page at

Add to eLearn as a stand-alone link:

  1. Click New, then choose Create a Link
  2. Insert the Title of the LibGuide and the URL
  3. Click Create when all of the information is complete

OR add to eLearn news, discussions, created files:

  1. Click Insert Stuff
  2. Click Insert Link
  3. Paste the URL, then click Next
  4. Insert a title for the LibGuide in Link Text, then click Insert
  5. Click Update when finished