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Zoom Homepage

Welcome to the Zoom Video Conference Homepage!

This page is packed with resources to help you learn how to use Zoom. If you need a quick overview of Zoom from start to finish, please check out the three short videos under the Zoom Quick Overview: Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3. 

If you need more individualized training on a specific Zoom feature, please check out the segmented videos. For quick navigation to each segmented Zoom training video, please use the Table of Contents on the left-hand side of the screen. 




Zoom Quick Overview - Step 1, Step 2, and Step 3

Are you ready to learn how to use the Zoom Video Conference Tool? In this section, you can review the three short videos below to learn how to use Zoom from start to finish! 

Scheduling a Zoom Meeting

Perhaps you need help with scheduling a meeting in Zoom. If so, please check out this short video segment to learn how to schedule a meeting in Zoom.

Setting up a Calendar Event for your Zoom Meeting

Would you like to create a calendar event for your Zoom meeting? Check out the short video or guide below on adding your Zoom meeting information as a calendar event.

Joining a Zoom Meeting

In the short video segment below, you will learn how to join a Zoom meeting.

Muting Participants Upon Entering the Meeting

Are your participants noisy when first entering your Zoom meeting? Check out the short video or guide below to learn how to mute your participants upon entering your meeting. Participants can still enable their microphone if they need to communicate with you.

Configuring Audio and Video Settings

Audio and video can make a Zoom meeting come to life! In this short video segment, you will learn about the audio and video configuration settings in Zoom.

Assigning Another Participant as the Co-Host

Will your students need to share their screen? You can assign participants as a co-host in your meeting to allow them to share their screen. Check out the short video or guide below for assigning participants as a co-host in your Zoom meeting.

Sharing Screen on Zoom

Do you need to share a video, website, or other digital content with participants in a Zoom meeting? This short video segment will give you step-by-step instructions on how to share your computer/laptop screen with participants!

Recording a Zoom Meeting

Based on research studies, students value eLearn courses with recorded video lectures. Check out this quick video segment on how to record a Zoom lecture! The benefit of recording a lecture is that you can record your lecture once and share it each semester with your students in eLearn!

Using Breakout Rooms in Zoom

Zoom Breakout Rooms can enhance virtual classroom engagement! Are you looking to add a breakout room to your next Zoom meeting? If so, please view this short video on Zoom Breakout Rooms!

Building and Utilizing Polls - Zoom Feature

The Zoom Polling feature is a great way to engage learners in virtual settings. The poll feature can also help you test students’ knowledge of newly introduced concepts! If you would like to use the polling feature in a Zoom meeting, please check out this short video!