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Attendance Verification Information

The Attendance Verification quiz informs students on appropriate online behavior and academic honesty expectations, while also emphasizing the importance of the course syllabus. This quiz requires students to complete a task during the first week of the semester, thus capturing which students are actively "attending" class. Faculty can easily view a student's completion of this quiz and use that data to report/verify student attendance at the beginning of the semester in jWeb.  

Accurate attendance reporting is a vital task that should be updated in jWeb throughout the semester. Faculty should continue to use other measures during the semester to track "attendance" of each student and update the "Attendance Reporting" weekly. 

While many faculty may already have a method to track attendance during the first week of the semester, the use of a standardized tool in each course across the college has been requested by our administration in order to assist in the completion of this very important task.
Please use this quiz as a stand alone quiz and do not embed it into an already existing assignment/quiz in your course. This will ensure that "Attendance Verification" data can be easily extracted in eLearn from any course throughout the college. 


Purchasing Textbooks Online

The following video is a how-to video for students who want to purchase their textbooks online. The video also shows how students can select “Scholarship” as the payment option to pay using their Financial Aid.