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eLearn How2Videos Homepage!

Hello Online Learners! 

You have landed on the eLearn How2Videos Homepage! This page gives you access to step-by-step training videos and guides for major online classroom activity areas in eLearn.  To use this page, please click on the image below to access training videos and guides that correspond with that image! If you need additional help after viewing these training videos and guides, please feel free to contact the Distance Education Support Team. Our contact information can be found in the box at the end of this page. 

eLearn How2Video - Training Resources


                          Click Image Below for eLearn Email Training                                      Click Image Below for Dropbox Training




                 Click Image Below for eLearn Content Training                              Click Image Below for eLearn Grades Training


                   Click Image below for eLearn Test Training                                 Click Image below for eLearn Discussion Training