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eLearn Frequently Asked Questions

              JSCC’s eLearn Courses (FAQs) Guide


Q. How do I access my course materials in eLearn?

A. Please go to and log-in using the same username and password as your JWeb account.

Q. Who to contact for help with my eLearn course(s)?

A1.  Please contact your course instructor if you need help with explaining an assignment, grade issues, incomplete requests, late work submission requests, or to reset a test if your instructor allows.

A2.  Please contact the Distance Education Team if you need help with navigating through eLearn or Respondus. The distance education office is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm.  The contact number is (731) 425-2623. You can also submit a helpdesk ticket 24/7 at

Q.  Where do I confirm and pay for my courses?

A. You must pay and confirm in JWeb under self-service. Please note that you must confirm and pay before the last day to pay fees.

Q. When will my eLearn course(s) be available?

A. Your eLearn course (s) will be available on the first day of the semester.

Q. Why are my eLearn course(s) not showing up in eLearn on the first day of classes?

A. If your classes are not showing up in eLearn on the first day of class, please contact Distance Education team by phone (731) 425-2623 Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm or submit a helpdesk ticket 24/7 at

Q. Why is the course(s) I dropped still showing up in eLearn?

A. If you dropped a course, it may still show up in eLearn for a period of time. Please note, no credit will be given to any work completed after you have withdrawn from the course.

Q.  What is my username and password to login to eLearn?

A. You must login to eLearn using the same username and password that you use to login into JWeb. If you did not setup a username and password via Netlogon Tools, please go to Follow the steps listed in this pdf file to set up your Multifactor Authentication along with your username and password.  You can also watch a video with instructions here. [The pdf is also located at the bottom of this box]. 

Q. What if I forget my eLearn password or get locked out of my account?

A.  Follow the steps in this pdf file to reset your password or username. Please click on either, JWeb, eLearn, or Email on the main website and follow the instructions on resetting your password. [The pdf is also located at the bottom of this box]. 

Q. How do I find my course materials in eLearn?

A.  After you access eLearn, please click on Content to access your syllabus, discussion board projects, dropbox assignments, exams, quizzes, and more.

Q.  Where do I find my digital materials for my course?

A.  After you have accessed eLearn, your DEI course materials may be on the Bookshelf in your course (located under Bookstore on eLearn tab) or within the courseware application (see instructor content page). Additional information about digital materials can be found at

Q. How can I be successful in my eLearn course(s)?

A. Check eLearn emails, communicate with your instructor, seek help when needed, don’t get behind on your assignments, work on assignments ahead of time, find alternative places to use the internet, prepare for exams, don’t stress out, and enjoy the virtual learning experience!