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Bookstore Frequently Asked Questions

JSCC's Bookstore (FAQs) Guide

Q. How do I order my textbooks?

A. Please go to and enter your student ID (J number) in the box that says, "Shop by Student ID." Your materials for each class will appear and allow you to choose the options that are best for you.

You can view a walkthrough video on how to purchase your books online at Purchase Books Online.

Q. How can I receive my textbooks?

A. The bookstore is offering delivery (low cost shipping directly to your home) or curbside pick-up.

Q.  Are there price match options?

A. Yes, price match options are available for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you would like to price match some of your textbooks, send us a screenshot of what you have found to, and we can help place your order. 

Q. Are there any courses that are still a part of DEI?

A. Yes, if you are taking the following classes, your course materials are a part of the DEI program and you DO NOT need to order these items.

COMM 2025
EDU 2230
SPAN (all)

Q. Can I make an appointment if I want to come to the campus Bookstore?

A. Yes, the Bookstore is still taking appointments for students that prefer to come into the Bookstore. Go to, select "Schedule An Appointment," and enter in your information with the time and date you are requesting. We need 24 hours notice for all appointments. 

If you have additional question or need more information, please feel free to reach out to us by phone at 731-425-2650 or email us at