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Email Accounts @ JSCC

Hello Students! 

Welcome to the email training page. You will find two videos on this page that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use both your email accounts. 


As a student, you have been assigned 2 different email accounts. One email account is located in eLearn and the other email is your campus Microsoft 365 email account which is housed on the JSCC's main webpage. You can click here to access your Microsoft 365 campus email.


To ensure that you receive all communication, it is best that you check both email accounts. Your instructor or campus staff may use any of these accounts to contact you.


Distance Education Team 

eLearn Email Training - 1st Account

Need help with email? In this video, you will learn how to locate your email account in eLearn, open an email, read your email, and reply to an email. You will also learn how to email your instructor from the Classlist feature in eLearn.

Please note, that your eLearn email account is different than your JSCC campus Microsoft 365 email account. To get training on how to use your JSCC campus email, please view the second video below.

JSCC Campus Email Microsoft 365 - 2nd Account

Please check out the video below to learn how to access and use your campus Microsoft 365 email account. This is a second email account that has been assigned to you. Your instructor or campus staff may contact you at this email account or your eLearn email account.

Email Training Guides

These guides will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to locate an email, read an email, and reply to an email in eLearn. You will also learn how to email your instructor from the Classlist feature in eLearn. These guides below refer to your first email account in eLearn and not your second Microsoft campus email account. 

Distance Education Helpdesk

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